Our adventurous spirit can’t stop and once again we are teaming up with good friends to collaborate in a challenge that we want you to be part of.

Kilometre 0 is a self-sufficiency bike race that meets all the requirements to be a great adventure.

Follow our adventure!


The aim of the action is to find a partner who will create the #AltonadockTeam. The #AltonadockTeam members will run the race with equipment designed and provided by Altonadock and manufactured by Tactic.

Altonadock will pay for the race registrations of both participants and will provide them with different branded maillots to make the race comfortable.

In return, the participants will provide the brand with material during the race to share their experience in the different stages on the official Instagram account @Altonadock.

Altonadock will film the #AltonadockTeam members at three different points with professional camera equipment to generate content for social media and web.

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cycle.jpgTHE RACE

This adventure consists of a 770 km bikepacking trip from Madrid to Finisterre. The route links five of the most important Caminos De Santiago in the Iberian Peninsula. It starts at the KM0 of the radial roads in Puerta del Sol in Madrid and the finish line is at the KM0 of the Camino De Santiago, which is in Finisterre.

Date: 29th September to 3rd October 2021

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race-diaryTHE RACE DIARY

We leave the centre of Madrid to take the tracks, that will take us to the Guadarrama National Park and the Port of La Fuenfria just 15 kilometres away. After a long descent we reach Segovia and begin the route through Castilla. We take the Vía Verde del Eresma passing the castle of Coca, Puente Duero, Simancas and the lonely and hidden Monasterio de la Espina, in the Montes Torozos where we connect with the Camino del Sureste.

We ride through the walled town of Urueña, cross the Villafáfila Nature Reserve and reach the urban bustle of Benavente, where the yellow arrows of the Vía de la Plata appear on the way to Astorga.

We connect with the Vía de la Plata from Benavente to Astorga, a crossroads of cultures and the meridian on the cycling route to Finisterre.

In Astorga we connect with the Camino Francés. Our ride continues through the villages of Castillo de Polvazares, Santa Catalina de Somoza, Rabanal del Camino and ends at the Cruz de Ferro, the great symbol of the Camino de Santiago in the Montes de León. The yellow arrows continue through Molinaseca to Ponferrada, where we join the Camino de Invierno.

Our route continues through the Galician towns of O Barco de Valdeorras, Quiroga, A Pobra do Bollón and Monforte de Lemos, the leg-breaking places arrive, with crossroads that make it necessary to keep one eye on the road and the other on the GPS. We pass the river Miño and the bridge of Belesar; we continue through the villages of Chantada, Lalín and Silleda, crossing the river Ulla at A Ponte and arriving at the Plaza del Obradoiro, in front of the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

We will pass through Aguapesada, with the famous Alto do Mar de Ovellas slope, continuing through Negreira, Olveiroa, Cee, Corcubión and the beautiful beach of Langosteira until we arrive at Cape Finisterre. flag

race-diaryRiding in a group is forbidden. All participants are geolocated and it is forbidden to ride in groups.


Our team will participate in the two available modalities: in pairs and solo.

Regardless of the modality, the race is self-sufficient, the organization only provides the track of the route and a logistical support point, supplies and rest halfway through the route.

finger.jpg NUESTRO #ALTONADOCKTEAM finger.jpg




Km0 seems to me a very different event to everything I’ve done so far. The non-competitive format, self-sufficient, gravel + Bikepacking and with a clear objective to achieve, make it a challenge and a unique adventure, a perfect opportunity to enjoy pedalling and continue to meet people related to the world of cycling. If we add the trust placed in us to collaborate and be the image of Altonadock, we are faced with an opportunity impossible to refuse.



Undoubtedly the km0 is an important challenge, because of the distance and the maximum time established to complete it, since I was a child I have lived the world of competition and overcoming and this km0 gives me the illusion and motivation to make an event that will certainly be unique and special and I am very grateful to be part of it and more in this time of uncertainty in which the competitions have been a bit stopped, I am looking forward to live this experience and to share it, making participate of it to all who want to follow us.




Altonadock was born as a fashion brand inspired by sport, self-improvement and motivation.

What better way to show all these values than by participating first-hand in El KM0. Not only by collaborating as a brand, but also by being an active part of the adventure.

That’s our #altonadockspirit: we not only join you in your adventures, we want to be part of them.