These models are part of the collection in collaboration with Koa Distance, an ultra distance triathlon event held in Valencia. A race where physical and mental endurance is put to the limit, Go Brave! To be brave is to face your fears and act decisively. It is a privilege to serve your dreams.

A swimmer who emerges from the mouth of an alligator, taking advantage of the only instant in which he has a chance to escape from its mouth. 

A butterfly that enters the mouth of a tiger to prove its worth.

A snake that takes on the challenge of escaping from thorns.

It's that feeling.

Koa Distance is an ultra distance triathlon event held in Valencia with a maximum of 40 participants in two modalities:

Koa 257 Half Ultraman: 5 km swim, 210 km bike, and 42 km run.
Koa 515 Ultraman: 10 km swim, 421 km bike and 84 km run.

You don't find things, you look for them. Altonadock and Koa join forces in an inspiring collection for those who translate their fears into desire, because there are those who know their limits and decide to break them.