Kilometer Zero consists of four routes that traverse the Iberian Peninsula from coast to coast, connected by the KMO of radial roads. More than 3,000 kms of tracks open 365 days a year for your gravel bike, MTB, and e-bike. Four routes that connect four cardinal points, four lighthouses, four languages, and four cultures: Castilian, Catalan, Galician, and Basque.

The idea was to create four completely bikeable routes to enjoy 365 days a year. Four routes that are completely different in terms of landscape, culture, gastronomy, and even language. It arises from the aim to highlight the richness of the Iberian Peninsula and its tracks and paths. A route that starts from the most populated urban area, crosses Castilla and the depopulated Spain, reaching its coast, as rich as it is different.

At Altonadock, we not only want to be part of this adventure as a sponsor but also to actively participate in it. That's why we are participating with our Altonadock Team, with whom we will firsthand experience the journey all the way to Tarifa.


Daniel Perea

Ángel Ortega

Jose Luis San Nicolás

Andrés Aguilar

Nuria Sánchez y Jóse Fuentes

Short-sleeved jersey in green and blue colors. It has a versatile pattern for any cyclist profile. It combines smooth lycra fabric on the front and microperforated lycra on the back. Lightweight side mesh panels, ideal for sweat evacuation and body temperature regulation. Seated lycra sleeves with interior silicone for a better fit. Pockets reinforced with unidirectional elasticity and finished with a 2 cm elastic.

Kaki green slim fit short culottes. Composed of three lycras optimally combined for a perfect fit, compressive at its base and elastic in its curves. Embossed fabric at the base. Flat microperforated suspenders, optimal support and elasticity for adequate comfort. Flat seams for better garment heat sealing. 7 cm cuff with silicone inserts (spandex). Temperature Range: from 18ºC.