Australian spirit, Spanish design. That's the nature of Altonadock. The Spanish fashion firm that takes inspiration from the Australian continent to show an original proposal, with its own style, where sport and adventure, as a way of life, are the protagonists.

Taking risks, never giving up, living new experiences, getting to know other realities, looking for the positive side of things, evolving, growing. This is AltonaDock, this is its philosophy that was born and is based on perseverance, sacrifice and constant improvement.


Altona is a small coastal town thirty kilometres from Melbourne, Australia. Its old wooden dock is one of the most characteristic corners of the area. That wooden bridge overlooking the Indian Ocean and the entire landscape of the country inspired its founder, Angel Ortega, in his journey to the antipodes, to create the brand that Australia wears in each of the garments manufactured later in the Iberian Peninsula.